Thank you and news from the heart 🐘

We hope this newsletter finds you well and surrounded by warmth. For the past month following the passing of our beloved baby elephant Boua, the team at the Mekong Elephant Park has received an overwhelming love and support from all of you. Your messages have been a source of comfort, reminding us of the incredible bond we share as a community passionate about elephants and our project.

Boua will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and all your kind words ensure her memory lives on.

Again, a huge thanks from the entire team.

News from our female elephants and our mahouts

The past month has been all about adjusting especially for our female elephants. Now more than ever, we are grateful for Mae Ping’s resilience, for the bond between all the female elephants, as well as the bond between Mae Ping and her mahout Saw that even celebrated their 15 years together this month.

Saw and Mae Ping support each other more than ever, and Mae Ping still keeps her usual dynamism thanks to the crucial support of the other females. Family plays an essential role in these moments of life, and we are glad that our elephants have the opportunity to stay close and give each other the much-needed support.

Solidarity was also huge amongst the mahouts where all have remained supportive, positive and still fully dedicated to their passion and lives that is to say elephant welfare.

We’re impressed by the solidarity shown by our mahouts in these difficult times. They have taken neither vacations nor days off, remaining steadfast in their commitment to the elephants and the project. We’re lucky to have such committed people at our side.

It is always thanks to your generous help that our elephants get to stay close to each other, living a well-deserved life in their natural habitat. Every little help, from spreading the words about us to donating. Your support never goes unnoticed! You are the sanctuary’s guardians and fully part of our adventure.

The Famous 4

Let us remind that our past rescue successes brought together 3 generations:

    • Mae Nat
    • Mae Nin
    • Mae Ping

3 females that share the same blood were rescued throughout the years and now rejoice together as they spend quality family time at the sanctuary.

Not forgetting of course Mae Kham that has always played an important role to Mae Ping and despite her older age, proudly maintains her status as matriarch of the herd.

By sponsoring Mae Ping, Mae Nat, Mae Nin and Mae Kham, you are giving them the opportunity to have an elephant’s life in their natural environment and within a close knitted herd. Thanks to you, our female elephant herd will live the life they deserve, and you will be able to follow the daily life and experience of these ladies. 

Sponsorship packages start as little as 10$ per month and please be sure every contribution helps, whatever the amount. The best is on top of your adoptions certificate, you will receive exclusive news and updates about our female elephant herd.

Become a sponsor today, and join our community!

A big Thank You to local businesses

We are delighted to express our gratitude to our partnering business hotels in Luang Prabang that have accepted to bring us visibility and spread the word about us to their guests. Their generous commitment to our cause shines through as they set up donation areas in their lobbies. This gesture demonstrates that to make a significant impact and create positive change for these majestic creatures, all that is needed is a small corner in a lobby, waiting room, etc.

The team at the Mekong Elephant Park is always ready and remains available to provide all necessary materials and information, should you or your organization want to contribute to our cause in your own way so please let us know if you wish to go on board and have us be portrayed in your working environment.

Wallpaper of the Month

As per usual, this newsletter comes with a beautiful wallpaper that we crafted for you. As April is the month when Earth Day will be celebrated, the team at the Mekong Elephant Park took the opportunity to introduce to you the beautiful nature surrounding our park. Brighten up your screen with this month’s wallpaper, as a reminder of the beauty of nature, and that we have to do our part to preserve this for us and future generations!

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