Bye Bye little lotus flower

This month of February has begun and this with heart breaking news:  the passing of our beloved baby elephant, Boua. 

Despite the team’s best efforts and usual dedication, Boua’s health took an unexpected turn a couple of days ago and despite her feisty spirit, she didn’t manage to overcome the evil that fell upon her.  According to the 3 emergency vets deployed on site, it seems Boua contracted what is known as: the Herpes Virus. A lightning disease that affects baby elephants less of 8 years of age.

Boua touched the hearts of everyone at the Mekong Elephant Park with her playful spirit and gentle nature. The park and the herd will hardly be the same without her presence. We’ll always keep her in our hearts, and we’re grateful that she had such a wonderful life with us and her family.

Our thoughts go most specially now to Mr Saw, her mahout and Mae Ping, her mother that now have to begin, just as us all, a long healing process of acceptance. Laotians, like elephants, are resilient and we need to learn from them.

One sense of relief is that we know she is not alone and has joined her aunty Mae Bounma amongst the stars. Together, we are sure they will look over the rest of the herd.

Our people and elephants are resilient, and as hard as times are hard currently, we must stay strong to continue our story and our fight.

Now more than ever, the night fence is a necessity so Mae Ping can be surrounded by her herd and find comfort from the family bond.  Your support means the world to us as we strive to create a better future for these majestic creatures.

Boua was named our “80 kilos of hope at birth” and we have no intention in believing otherwise.  And to remember her, we have gathered our favorite pics we wish to continue sharing

Rest in peace, sweet Boua. You remain in our hearts. 

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