New year & New projects at the Mekong Elephant Park

Best Wishes from the Mekong Elephant Park

Happy New Year from the entire team and the elephants from the Mekong Elephant Park.

We wish you all a wonderful and exciting 2024 full of adventures! We hope to welcome again past visitors but also new animal lovers to the sanctuary. If not the case already, add the Mekong Elephant Park to your bucket list where the team and Mae Kham, Mae Nin, Mae Nat, Mae Ping, Boua and Kham Khoun are waiting to give you their very own elephant 2024 blessings!

APEEL 2024 Membership

2023 was a great year for the Mekong Elephant Park, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. By donating or by spreading the words about the Mekong Elephant Park, your support never goes unnoticed.

We would like to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to all of you who have supported the Mekong Elephant Park until now 💚 Heaps of gratitude also to French  NGO APEEL without whom our projects couldn’t have been made real. 

In 2023, thanks to you, APEEL succeeded in maintaining and consolidating towards the support of the elephants of Laos, and in protecting their natural environment, which is vital to their survival. The finest examples of there work are, of course :

 🐘 Mae Nat, an elephant used in the circus industry who was fully paid for by donations received via APEEL in 2022, and is now in the care of the Mekong Elephant Park and the property of the APEEL association.

🐘 Mae Nin, an elephant freshly arrived at the Park in July 2023, who has worked in the forestry industry all her life and is living a new life with her family, fully paid for by donations received via APEEL in 2022 and 2023, also now the property of the APEEL association

🐘 The Laotian government’s willingness to extend the protected area and support the Mekong Elephant Park in its protection. The new 30-hectare zone is due to be signed for 15 years at the beginning of this year.

For 2024, should you wish to renew your membership or start a new subscription to APEEL, you can do so by following one of the links below:

And feel free to share this link to your friends, family and colleagues. An association’s membership numbers are the best proof of its vitality and credibility, particularly in the eyes of potential donators!

Big news for our 2.0 elephants

Our elephants are microchipped!

Yes, for better protection and ID of the herd, our elephants are now all microchipped. The government, together with a vet, came to the park to carry out the process onsite.

It was a fairly easy procedure for the adults used to being manipulated. But little Boua was playing little diva and only accepted the microchip with a hefty bribe of food. Children, children…. But we got there eventually and that is all that matters 😊

This microchip came with a cost of $150/chip, and while we are shouldering the cost, any help from you would be greatly appreciated.

Back in pictures and motion of the step by step microchipping procedure:

In Lao, we say KOP CHAI DEU for Thank You

And what else can we say other than a massive thank to the Hotel Deybach in Munster, Alsace, France and Sabine for organizing a tombola and collecting 952 euros for the Mekong Elephant Park. These funds will go towards the construction of the night fence for our elephants. The 10-hectare fence will be an extra layer of protection for our elephants but primarily, a way to allow them to sleep all together at night.

You can find the winner in the link below, and if you happen to travel to the Alsace region in France, don’t hesitate to choose Hotel Deybach as your accommodation of choice:

Mekong Elephant Park right on your screen

How about if our elephants were to accompany you every day? Well it is now possible thanks to our new personalized wallpapers!

Freshen up your laptop/desktop/mobile background thanks to our monthly photo suggestion. 

This is a first of our monthly series and we hope you will enjoy the idea!

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