It’s been a great year at the Mekong Elephant Park

🎉 2023 Season’s Greetings 🎉

2023 is coming to an end, and we would like to send you all our warmest wishes and gratitude.

2023 was an unforgettable year, we’ve made significant steps forward in raising awareness about Laos elephants, and providing Laos elephants the lives they deserve

The things we’ve achieved wouldn’t have been possible without you: our supporters and our partners.

Our massive success in 2023 was the rescue of Mae Nin

Thanks to the support of all of you from around the world, we are able to provide Mae Nin a happy life with the herd and reunite her with her family!

Now Mae Nin, Mae Ping, and Mae Kham all take it on themselves to protect and care for little Boua, such a happy elephant family living united in the primary forest

For this holiday season, the team and elephants at the Mekong Elephant Park would like to wish you :


🎁 A Gift that Keeps On Giving 🎁 

When shopping for Christmas gifts this season, please kindly keep the Mekong Elephant Park in mind. There may be people on your list who might truly appreciate having a charitable donation made in their name rather than receiving a tangible gift.

A donation to the Mekong Elephant Park can be the perfect option for the ones who “have a loving heart”, and for you to show friends, family members, even co-workers that you are keeping them close to your minds during this holiday season, as well as sending a message that you are respectful of their interests.

Sample Photo

For every donation of over $50, we’ll provide you with a lovely photo certificate showcasing the name of the person it’s been made in honor of this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday and heading into the new year.

The Mekong Elephant Park’s 2024 Projects

As we end the year 2023 and reflecting on our achievements, our priorities for 2024 have been streamlined to resonate with our strategic direction. We hope to see a 2024 where our team and our elephants thrive in their environment, and where more people will be aware of the situation and importance of Laos’ elephants. We will therefore work on these short and long-term projects:

1. Installation of a 5-hectare fence for the females.

2. Enlargement of more than 20 hectares of the protected area. Occasional and/or random funding of rangers/military personnel to patrol the area to avoid any risk of poaching, and to deter any malicious acts or pollution within the reserve.

3. Construction of a new seasonal weather shelter for our matriarch Mae Kham.

4. Daily purchase of 80 kilos of fruit for Mae Kham, who have lost most of her tooth due to old age.

5. Reforestation of certain areas with the planting of rosewood.

6. Financing for a brushcutter to maintain the elephant fences.

7. Installation of a 10-hectare night fence so that the females can sleep and stay together at night. This is our most important project for 2024, and thus donations from December and January will be used for funding.

You can find out more details about these projects, their estimated budgets, and how you can lend us a helping hand in the downloadable pdf.

✨Year end Good Deeds ✨

✨ Regarding the female elephants’ night fence, we are very lucky to have a generous donator that wishes to stay anonymous who has pledged to match the donation up to half of the amount, that is to say 10 000 dollars ! A massive thanks for this very generous offer that is so important for our elephants’ well-being. 

You know, for the aunties, spending the night with Boua would mean so much 💚

✨ The Mekong Elephant Park has received an important donation from Clement Rouche and TAKE AWAY that has fully financed Mae Kham’s shelter. A huge thank you from us and of course from our old lady who now has her favorite shady spot.

We are always grateful to have such a supportive community towards our elephants, we couldn’t be where we are now without your help and support.

The Mekong Elephant Park wishes all its members of staff and partners a new year full of growth, progress, and exciting opportunities!

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