Support Us

The French NGO “APEEL” (Association for the protection of the elephant ecosystem in Laos) is supporting the Mekong Elephant Park and accepting your donations in France.  The full amount of your donations will be used for the Mekong Elephant Park and our elephant’s wellbeing. All donations to the NGO is tax-deductible in France and  you will receive a receipt

Mekong Elephant Park’s objective is clear:

→ Elephants should no longer be exploited! For those that have spent all of their life pulling timber in the logging industry or suffering at tourist attractions they deserve to live as an elephant should, free to move when they want, free to live with other elephants, free to eat when and what they desire in their natural environment.


Due to the complications of the virus, and the quarantine situation:

→ We can no longer welcome our visitors anymore to observe our elephants. These visits would have contributed to help us in caring for our pachyderms and to realise our projects.

→ Along with the on-going drought in Laos has resulted in a shortage of food and water in the forest for the elephants.

→ The mahouts are currently devoting their time to their elephants and haven’t visited their families for over a month, due to the risk of being quarantined and not being able to come back to the park.

We believe that every dark cloud has its silver lining:

→ During these difficult times, the fact that we can focus on Mae Ping and Mae Bounma’s reproduction project is great news, and a huge source of motivation for us to keep on going. There is a missing generation of elephants in Laos and if nothing is done unfortunately there will soon be no more elephants in this country.


Today for the durability of our sanctuary, we need your help!

There is no small amount, every little helps.

→ All these contributions will go directly toward the care of our elephants and will be used to purchase food, to pay for the veterinary fees, and to continue our reproduction project.

Although the situation is still very unpredictable, and we have no idea when the border will open and when tourists will be able to travel and to visit Laos again, we are keeping our spirits high and we stay positive.

Your financial help, your efforts in spreading the words about our park, and your kind words all go straight to our hearts!

Until this difficult situation is over, stay positive, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Once again a massive thank you for your strong support.