Lao New Year brings its big news!

Happy Lao New Year!

As April comes, it brings with it the joyous occasion of Lao New Year, also known as “Pi Mai” in the Lao language. This vibrant celebration marks the beginning of the traditional lunar New Year in Laos and is observed with great enthusiasm by the Lao community around the world.

Lao New Year is a time for renewal, reflection, and rejoicing. Streets come alive with the sounds of laughter, music, and the joyful splashing of water as people engage in water fights to cleanse and bless one another. Although the past few months have been tough, Lao New Year reminds us of the resilience and strength within us all. It’s a time to embrace hope, positivity, and the promise of new beginnings.

From all of us at the Mekong Elephant Park, we wish you a Happy Lao New Year filled with peace, prosperity, and endless blessings!

A big change!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Manager, Wendy, is expecting!

As she will temporarily leave the park to embark on this beautiful journey of motherhood, we are delighted to have Mr. Tah, who will gracefully take over during the months of Wendy’s maternity leave.

Mr Tah has been, and still is, an indispensable part of the Mekong Elephant Park adventure. It is thanks to his help that the park has been able to transform itself into the sanctuary it is today. His excellent level of English, his knowledge of French and his innate sense of human relations make him the best possible guide. We’re confident Tah will seamlessly continue the important work we do, ensuring our project flourishes.

Wendy will remain available behind her computer screen, tending to guests’ relations. Additionally, she’ll maintain an active presence on WhatsApp, engaging with the team daily to manage the medical needs of our elephants.

Bungalows Unveiled: 

Testimonies from Our First Visitors!

Our newly constructed bungalows and its Jungle Package have welcomed their first visitors, and the feedback is heartwarming! Our visitors have marveled at the immersive experience of staying on-site, surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves, and the experience of preparing food and observe the daily lives of our beloved elephants.

“Wonderful experience when we stayed two nights and one day in the park. […] this is really an exceptional project with very passionate and courageous people. We loved staying in the forest overnight with much more wildlife than in most places in Laos. The Lao food was delicious. The interaction with the animals are perfect and really respect their needs.” – Mathilde Lachia

”Unforgettable experience of 2 nights and 1 day with the elephants of the park; in addition to understanding the lives of Asian elephants, we learn the relationship of the mahout and his elephant and share their day.” – Caroline Bernard

“If you’re lucky enough to stay over in the beautiful new eco bungalows, then you’ll be able to watch the elephants walking and eating their way past you. Also, if you stay over, you’ll have the comfiest night sleep and be served the most incredible food. The bungalows have beautiful furniture which I assume is made by the talented locals who are also employed by the project, and you can witness them making their crafts when you visit.” – G.H

Make your own story and live the experience by planning your next visit 

Sacred Blessings for a New Adventure: 

A Special Baci

To usher in this exciting chapter, we hosted a special baci ceremony with monks on-site, seeking blessings for our newly constructed bungalows but also our ongoing conservation efforts in the new year. The sacred rituals were a beautiful way to connect with the spiritual essence of our mission and honor the incredible journey that lies ahead in which you are invited to join by staying 2 nights on site.

Wallpaper of the Month

This month, the Mekong Elephant Park proudly shines its spotlight on Mae Kham. Mae Kham is the oldest elephant in our park, and thus she has become the trustworthy matriarch of the herd. Her resilient past is an inspiration to us all, and seeing her enjoying her life at the Mekong Elephant Park is our motivation to continue this journey. We hope this wallpaper of Mae Kham will brighten up your screen and bring a smile to your face.

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