Exciting news from the sanctuary

The Mekong Elephant Park is thrilled to bring you the latest updates, where our efforts to protect and preserve elephants continue to thrive. But it is not only these gentle giants that seem to live nowadays on the premises. Other animals are making the sanctuary their home too.

Our night camera: Endangered animal spotted!

Our recently installed night cameras have captured the first glimpses of wildlife roaming the Mekong Elephant Park after dark.

The animal in this photo is a barking deer, commonly referred to as muntjacs. This species is a group of small to medium sized deer species inhabiting diverse parts of Asia. Their notable feature is their unique barking sounds, used as a warning signal in response to potential threats.

A big shoutout to Ken Leggat for providing us with this night camera! The team is thrilled and proud to be able to review the images every week. Not only will it give us the chance to admire our work, but it will also serve as evidence of our efforts to the government.

These sightings further reinforce the importance of our conservation efforts and serve as a poignant reminder for us on why it’s crucial to protect and give hope to endangered species. Your support enables us to monitor and safeguard their habitat, ensuring a brighter future for all inhabitants of the park.

From the bottom of our hearts, a huge THANK YOU!

From the bottom of our hearts, a huge THANK YOU!

Join the Mekong Elephant Park on our mission to preserve the natural habitat of elephants and give them the life they deserve. APEEL (Association for the Protection of Elephants and their Ecosystem in Laos) supports the Mekong Elephant Park in fighting against the once considered inevitable: the extinction of Laos elephants.

For just 12 euros per year (that’s only 1 euro/month!), you can contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts and help secure a safe haven for elephants and other wildlife. Subscribe today and play an integral part towards our protected area.

Awaiting the rainy season

As the weather remains very dry and hot, all eyes are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rainy season. This time of year is vital for replenishing water sources and sustaining the lush vegetation surrounding our park.

Despite the rather tough conditions, our elephants continue to find joy in simple pleasures, indulging in dust baths and frolicking in the Mekong River. It is also the perfect timing to have a look with drone of the different routes made and used by the elephants.

Our beloved matriarch, Mae Kham, receives extra fruits to help her through this challenging dry season, particularly as she navigates the trials of old age. Additionally, she benefits from the nourishing vitamin balls crafted from an ancestral recipe passed down by our mahouts.

This process of making vitamin ball is a beloved activity for our guests, often featured in our day program, fostering a deeper connection to our elephants and their well-being.

Wallpaper of the Month

In waiting for the rainy season, the Mekong Elephant Park would like to introduce you to the view of the Mekong River, a vital part of our park, and a source of pleasure for our elephants who love taking baths in the cool water. We hope that this wallpaper will bring with it a fresh vibe to your screens, and maybe encourage you to pay our elephants a visit.

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