A new life for Mae Nat

A very special moment: Boua’s birth BACI

Celebrating life and regarding toward the future

Last month we celebrated Boua’s Baci, a very important moment in Lao culture. The BACI is a traditional popular Laotian ceremony to drive out evil spirits. It is performed at all important moments of daily life (marriage, birth, accident, illness, etc.). 

The ritual usually takes place around a large tray filled with cones made of banana leaves and surrounded by offerings brought by the participants, on which colored flowers (often orange and white, a reminder of Buddhist tradition) are pricked. White cotton yarn are wrapped around bamboo sticks to make bracelets that symbolize prayers before being tied to your arm, or ears for an elephant, with a blessing.

White cotton are wrapped around the elephant ears

The elephant is the only animal entitled to the Baci, which is normally reserved exclusively for humans. This is a proof of the importance of elephants in Laos and their place within the family.

 And we heard you

Last month was extremely emotional with the disappearance of Mae Bounma and we wanted to thank you all for the colossal number of heartwarming messages from all over the world. Did it help us ? You have no idea how much your support got us back on our feet and made us more motivated than ever.


What better way to pay homage to Mae Bounma than to devote ourselves to a new elephant rescue project ?

Let’s introduce Mae Nat who’s clear eyes are uncommon in elephants

Let us present Mae Nat to you all. A 40 year old female on her way to our park after many years of solitude.  It’s been more than 7 years that she hasn’t mixed with other elephants and she spent 5 years in a Japanese circus. She is in fact Mae Ping’s great aunt and they were together when Mae Ping was very young.

Mae Nat knows how to juggle, she plays the harmonica, she can say hello and goodbye, but all that we will ask of her will be to live her life as an elephant where she can finally find a new life alongside a family in the Laotien forest where she deserves to be.

Help Mae Nat to join the Lao jungle with other elephants

We have already collected part of the 25 000 dollars needed for her resuce and she will spend two months with us to give us time to collect the remaining sum.  So if you wish to help us in this new adventure please do so.

Help us to change Mae Nat’s life

All donations collected in the next two months will be used
for Mae Nat’s rescue

Thank you for your support

If you would like to support us or know someone who may
Contact us: info@mekongelephantpark.com

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