Mae Nin’s integration & Boua’s birthday

Mae Nin’s integration

Mae Nin is fitting just right in to our family and is living her best life. She is a very protective auntie, and it feels like she has been part of the herd since forever. Being able to join her siblings and family after so many years is truly heart-warming and somehow, she manages to share this overwhelming gratitude, content and loving atmosphere. 

Because good news never comes alone…

On top of having given her the chance to reunite with her family, you have made it possible for the Mekong Elephant Park to be her forever home.

And YES, we made it! You made it happen!

It is all thanks to you, our dearest visitors and followers, that Mae Nin’s new life becomes a reality. A special shout out to Bernadette and Laurent, Stephane and Valérie, Chantal and Christophe, Anne and Bruno, the Allen family, Sabine, and all of you through your endless support.
Thank you for believing in our rescue projects. When we act together, all can be made true.

Mae Nin and APEEL

Mae Nin now fully belongs to the NGO APEEL, who will support Mae Nin’s life and future. APEEL was created in response to the urgent need to help a species that has been abused and is threatened with extinction in the short term: the elephants of Laos, while at the same time addressing the environmental challenges that are essential to their survival.
By joining our association for 12 euros for the year (the price of a coffee each month), you may join the APEEL family and not only support Mae Nin but also other elephants in need in Laos and their ecosystem.

Boua’s turning 1!

On the 26th of August, our lovely Boua turned 1! For the past year, this little bundle of joy has brought so much happiness to everyone at the park, and she keeps surprising us with her very strong personality day after day.

Boua was brought to life thanks to all of you, our guests and followers. Your support, your warm wishes, and your love to all the elephants at the park, helps us moving forward on this very difficult but very rewarding adventure to protect this beautiful species.

A special thanks to the Elephant Conservation Center for letting Mae Ping enter their Reproduction Program so important to fight against the elephant extinction in Laos and for allowing her to become a mother, and Mae Nat and Mae Nin aunties.
Watch again the moment little Boua arrived in our life a year ago…

If you want to become part of the Mekong Elephant Park family and sponsor Mae Ping and her baby, Boua, you can find more information below.

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