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Discover the first images of Mae Ping and Boua

A month full of challenges

These last few weeks have passed under the scrutinizing look of the mahouts. They’ve watched and noted every moment of change in the little calf Boua. It was a first baby for the mother but also for the whole team. 

Boua spent the first days under Mae Ping

The first few days were extremely stressful, we had firstly to help the calf to reach its mother’s udders with the aid of a bamboo cushion placed on the ground under the mother. We also had to be sure that Mae Ping had enough milk, that Boua was drinking sufficiently and that the intestinal transit was correct. Finally but most important was to be sure that she was able to lie down to rest and sleep but this wasn’t the case in the beginning.

Boua is becoming more and more confident and we are amazed at how she is progressing day by day before our very eyes

Today she weighs over 120 kilos and is doing fantastically.  For her age, she is really in great shape and very alert, she will surely be as mischievous as her mother.

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That’s it ! The television article has been completed. A recording that took a number of years. It began in October 2019 with the filming of the blood samples being taken from Mae Ping in order to learn her fertility cycle. Then the second part, concerning the pregnancies was filmed just after the borders reopened in May 2022. Then of course the last part of the article ,just a few weeks ago, concerned little Boua. Filming a boisterous young elephant calf is athletic to say the least and the journalist took a few head butts from Boua who was learning to charge.

We can’t wait to find out the date in which it will broadcast. It should be transmitted by TF1 in October but we’ll let you know as soon as we learn.

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