80 kilos of hope

80 kilos of hope and wonder

After almost 22 months or 95 weeks or 662 days of pregnancy, Mae Ping gave birth to a baby elephant, a small female who will bear the sweet name of Boua (the lotus flower, an offering to Buddha during prayers) for the first two years of her life. Then comes the use of the prefix Mae in front of her name, a synonym for mother in Laotian.

Mae Ping’s baby arrival into the world brings renewed faith in what is possible

A very special night

The delivery went very well, after more than 24 hours of difficult and long contractions for Mae Ping, a few seconds were enough for the baby to be among us. A baby elephant of almost 80 kilos who was born around 2 o’clock in the morning on the 26th of August. She was brave and calm during almost the entire labor and is now a very protective mother. 

By sponsoring Mae Ping and her baby elephant, you give them the opportunity to live a life together in their natural environment.

Boua will have the chance to grow up and live in the forest alongside her mother, something Mae Ping unfortunately did not experience, as she was separated from her mother when she was young.

Your sponsorship helps the Mekong Elephant Park to provide a natural environment, natural food, vitamins, medicines, veterinary care for our little giant, and to protect an endangered species!

From just 10 euros per month, thanks to you, Mae Ping and her baby will live the life they deserve, and you will be able to receive news and follow baby Boua’s development step by step.

In spite of the many sleepless nights watching over Mae Ping,
the enthusiasm of the mahouts is extraordinary

A message from the team

As you know, we strive to fight for all the elephants we can, to educate and raise awareness the local population and visitors to the preservation of Asian elephants. Which is today a species abused by the tourism and logging industry, and threatened with extinction.

We have always thought that it was up to us to play our part to counter this threat, and today it is 80 kilos of hope that have pointed the tip of their trunk, a small victory for Lao elephants, as it brings hope for the future of a species who is facing the threat of short-term. To say that the whole team is extremely happy is a bit of a stretch, we are moved, proud and a little tired too

We want to give our biggest thank you to all those who have helped and supported us in making this a reality. 


HELP US to cover the costs of this new member in the family
and to care for our elephants in the best possible way

Thank you for your support

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