The Final Stretch!

A very special visitor

Do you remember back in October 2019 some journalist were preparing a television documentary for the program “Grand Reportage”? The journalist was due to return at a later date in order to film the second part but COVID decided otherwise.

Last time she was here it was the dry season and the vegetation was much less exuberant

Well that’s over and as soon as the borders opened the producers organised a trip to Laos for the journalist so that she could at last finish her documentary. She had been waiting so so long to get back to us and of course we had too much news to share with her!

Mae Ping’s vet check, an important and awaited moment

We will keep you posted as soon as we know the date of the broadcast (around September) as she may wish to come for a third visit in August.

We hope that there will be lots of you in front of your screens for a virtual trip to Laos to be with us and our elephants.

New fence operational
Thanks for your donation

In order to prepare as well as possible for this event we have built a “maternity ward” constructed with three measures taken into account.

– Level ground

– No access to water, rivers or ponds to avoid an accidental drowning of the elephant calf

– 15000 square meters of foodstuff to enable the future mother is in fine form

Watch have started

Our elephants are under 24/24 hour surveillance by our mahouts and I can assure you it’s not very restful At night the females are inside the delivery enclosure while in the daytime they walk and feed in the forest. Apart from our matriarch Mae kham the other two show no sign of slowing down.

Despite being pregnant Mae Ping keeps doing a few kilometers per day

We want a delivery as natural as possible, so the mahouts have put up camp next to the enclosure specially erected for the delivery so as to intervene immediately if for any reason they are needed. It is going to be a  long couple of months for them, spending day and night in the forest without a day off to visit their family. Once again we want to thank them for their devotion toward our elephants and our project.

Once or twice every night the mahout’s will check that the elephants are well (when they can find them). This also allows Mae Ping to get used to torches and our night time presence, very important in case we need to help her. At the moment Mae Ping is sleeping well, around 4 hours each evening between 11 o’clock at night and 3 in the morning.

Night vision cameras have been set up in some trees to help to  cover the whole area

It remains for us to be patient now and to look for the first signs of change, mental or physical. A mixture of excitation and apprehension is tangible at the Mekong Elephant Park. To be followed…

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in this last straight line

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