Here comes the sun and a fresh breeze

Our team at the Mekong Elephant Park is still in the process of performing maintenance throughout the compound

This year’s rainy season was strong and long, and even now that the season has ended, we still notice that the Mekong water level is still surprisingly very high.

These heavy rains gave way to some damage on the park and has left the team with quite a few challenges and tasks to have the sanctuary’s compound fully back up to par on the eve of the start of the high tourist season.

To name a few, these are some works that the team got busy on:
– De-clogging of public spaces and bamboo cutting
– Repairs to embankments and trail cleaning
– Strimmering and grass cutting

Visit us and see what the hard work of the teams has led to

A new look and a new exclusivity

Photo credit @Amine_Tikite

In order to fully fulfill a dream day amongst our elephants, we have put together a band new FULL DAY package for you to make the most of. This new package comprises of multiple sustainable and responsible activities and will leave you with a real a real sense of appreciation and understanding.

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The Mekong Elephant Park Family is growing

Mr. Pao – Our newest mahout

Due to a family issue, Mr Seung – mahout of Mae Kham – had to leave the MEP quite suddenly. We are very sad to have to say goodbye, since Mr Seung is like family to all of us.

However, we picked up our spirits and welcomed Mr Pao, who will take over Mr Seung’s responsibility of taking care of Mae Kham, as well as his position as the youngest mahout in our team. 

Pao is as gentle and calm soul, just like how Mae Kham is, so it was evident that them two would be a match and get on together.

He is now learning how to understand Mae Kham, and how to anticipate her sudden waves of tiredness due to her old age. Everyday, Pao observes and learn from the other mahouts, as this is his first time living next to and caring for elephants. 

Everyday, Pao observes and learn from the other mahouts, as this is his first time living next to and caring for elephants.

At the Mekong Elephant Park, it is also our mission to create new vocations within the new generation of Laotians and Pao is a prime example of how we can expand knowledge and elephant know-how.

Damien – Our dearest volunteer

Damien, a French national, recently put his bags down in Pakbeng to help us welcome our foreign visitors and handle the daily operations at the park during the next couple of months. 

He quit his job in Paris to follow a passion and belief: the one of participating towards the protection of the Lao elephants. 

The team here would like to express a big thanks for his dedication and devotion to our cause, and hope he will fill his suitcase with beautiful memories and happiness before he sets off again to explore the beauty of Laos.

News from -The Famous 4-

Months go by like clockwork but they are always still full of good news when it comes to our 4 females. They still stick together like glue and are never apart by very much. It is really hard to believe that they all spent so much time apart as they are so bonded.

Fun fact: As much as they all get on, they still have their herd instincts and seems their place and role is slowly getting defined. It is noticeable when they wonder around together, a hierarchy line is well noticeable: Mae Ping leading followed by Boua, who is then followed by Mae Nat (she can’t resist playing favorite auntie) and Mae Nin at the end.

News from Mae Nat and Mae Nin

Since joining us in January this year, Mae Nat very easily blended into the life at the Mekong Elephant Park, surrounded by her family members. She is now more and more comfortable bathing in the Mekong, even though she is still reluctant (if not to say cowardly 😉) to go there alone and can be seen following other elephants, especially Mae Nin to give her the extra boost and confidence. From the circus to the forest, the difference for Mae Nat is just impressive and so heart-warming.

When they are alone down by the Mekong River without the responsibility of looking after Boua, it’s cuddle time for all of them! Bless them 💚

It is safe to say that our rescued elephants are back to a well-deserved life, being able to wander around their natural habitat, being close to their family members. But in other parts of Laos and of Asia, there are still elephants being held captive, exploited and harmed. This is where our work at the Mekong Elephant Park comes in, where we provide love and care not only for our rescued elephants, but also put our full dedication in raising awareness for rescuing even more elephants as to give them back their life.

This is a job that cannot be done alone, and we are always grateful of all the help and support from our guests and supporters around the world.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

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