Children Day And Begining Of Rainy Season

On the 1st of June we celebrated Children’s day in Laos. We invited the kids of our staff and from Pakbeng village to come to the Mekong Elephant Park to spend some time with the elephants. Some of them had never seen an elephant before, even though it is the symbol of Laos. We also took this chance to raise awareness about the situation of elephants in Laos, as it is never too early to start caring and contributing to elephant conservation.

Everybody had a lot of fun especially the elephants with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

With monsoon coming to Laos, rain and fresh food had been abundant for our elephants. Needless to say they were living their best life, eating, playing, and mud bathing all day long. Rainy season is always the perfect season for our elephants to climb over and slide down each other in the mud, and to enjoy all the fresh food nature has to offer.​