A Sustainable,
Non-riding Elephant Preservation Sanctuary
in Pakbeng.


The Mekong Elephant Park is an eco-tourism project located on the banks of the Mekong, opposite the village of Pakbeng. Founded in 2008, elephants are of utmost importance to us, and their welfare is our main goal.

We offer visitors the chance to discover the privileged role elephants play in Lao culture and why it is so important to fight now to protect them before it’s too late. All money raised from visits and donations are used to rescue elephants, to feed them, provide veterinary care, provide land and construct infrastructure for them to live correctly and to allow their life-long guide, their mahout to receive a decent salary.



Designed as a pilot project for the ecotourism industry, the Mekong Elephant Park demonstrates the founders’ aim of promoting sustainable tourism and supporting a species whose survival is threatened species by urbanization and the abuses they are confronted with.

This project combines:

  • An environmental purpose: preserving a threatened species.
  • An economic and social ambition: suggesting alternatives for the mahouts and their families; 
  • A touristic aim conceived and planned in order to respect the two aspects above.


Conservation through tourism.



By visiting us at the Mekong Elephant Park, you will discover a small world of people dedicated to the preservation of Elephants of Laos. Our teams are composed of passionate people working together to enhance the vision of animal protection.


To Conserve

We want to offer our elephants the chance to live in their natural environment and live in harmony with nature and humans. They were forced to work under contraints decades ago and it is our duty to give them back their life and let them just be.


To Change

What has been done in the past and ancient practices in terms of husbandry are no longer necessary. We aim to fully involve the mahouts in our project and to contribute with the perpetuation of a centuries old profession while being sure our elephants have the best care possible.


What our friends say about us?

This place is a heaven for the elephant as the staff respect the elephant and want the best for them. Very authentic place.”
– Anna on Trip Advisor

“Amazing Tour with a very friendly guide. Also the people in the village benefit from it 👍 highly recommended”
René Karthaus on Google Places
“An incredible experience with Elephants in this camp, acting for the protection of these wonderful animals.”
– Louise B on Trip Advisor
“Had a good Feeling about leaving my money there and not somewhere else: It is clean and well run. No riding for tourists”
– Batti on Google Places
“It was wonderful hiking with the elephant and seeing them so close in their own environment. Great to watch the elephant run over the beach into the water.”
Evelyne on MEP Facebook


Such a great experience! Thanks to the team for a very educational and wonderful time here. And to the beautiful elephants for spending their morning with us.
– Kayla on MEP Facebook
Don’t miss this place that respects the elephants and involve local communities. Best gift-shop of the town as well with stunning handicrafts
Johann on Google Places
“Here, no riding on their back or swimming while they bath. Everything is made to respect the animal. You will be able to watch them in a natural environment.”
– Margie on Trip Advisor

Accredited GOLD AWARD

for elephant welfare

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